John ME - Kindle ebook by Alfredo Ramirez

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Loneliness, a harsh environment, and a never-ending fight for survival can do funny things to your mind. After twenty years in the Alaska Wilderness, John has reached his maximum capability to survive by dumping his mind and his soul. He thrives his physical prowess, what the soul calls a pod, and what the mind used to inhabit to provide guidance and wisdom.

This is John’s broken Trinity where only sporadic communication exchanges occur. He is king of his territory, of his body, but not of his mind, much less of his soul. He will brave many winters but he will never be ready to confront the Demons of Alaska Wilderness unless he comes to terms with his partners in ‘being’. To defeat the Demons and release suffering souls from their heinous grip, he will need all the strength that comes from a nurturing soul, a soul that literally hates him and has shut him off.

“John ME” is about the struggle for survival and doing battle in two fronts, the external and the internal, the battling of two types of Demons, the ones we have inside and the ones that come from Alaska Wilderness, and the bond of the Trinity of our inner self.