No Mad - kindle book by Sam Moffie

I was shoveling a lot (I mean A LOT) of snow this weekend and it reminded me of a funny scene from my third novel No Mad. So why not advertise it for people who haven't had the opportunity to see why it just sold 507 Kindles In January 2014 and won numerous indie book awards in 2009?  After all, I have a sixth novel coming out this fall -- Requiem for a Casanova, and it is time to climb back on the high horse of self-promotion and GOODKINDLES seems like a great start.   If you want more on me and my other works, please visit me at  When I'm not writing, re-writing and looking for a sympathetic editor I can be found in front of a roaring fire with my wife/muse Juliette sipping a glass of wine after a long walk with our dogs.

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