Rejected for a Purpose - kindle ebook by O. J. Toks

What do Nelson Mandela, Sidney Poitier, Mary Kay Ash, Hilary Swank, Rosa Parks and Joseph of the Bible have in common? They all encountered an experience which helped them fulfill their destinies. This experience is rejection. This is what Rejected for a Purpose: How God Uses Rejection to Help You Find and Fulfill Your Destiny, is all about. 

Using real-life and biblical examples this work informs you that rejection is not a wall that blocks your path.  It's an arrow that directs it. The book helps you understand that being rejected is not the end of your life; rather, it’s a means to an end for your life. And that end is your destiny. If you have been disallowed from doing something, going somewhere, or being with someone, this book reveals that God employs those hindrances to redirect you to do something else, go somewhere else, or be with someone else.

If you have been passed a vote of no confidence, treated like an outcast, described as incompetent, dismissed by family, friends, coworkers, clergy or a significant other, Rejected for a Purpose will help you realize that they did you the biggest favor of your life. Whether you're dealing with rejection in your family, relationships, church, profession or for your convictions, this book will enlighten, empower and encourage you.

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