Shade - Kindle ebook by Michelle Traver

Shade handles dirty deeds for a high society clientele, and she loves her family. When the man who rescued and raised her disappears while investigating the deaths of old colleagues, Shade pulls in her brother and his team of mercenaries to unravel the mystery. When the two pseudo-siblings join forces, they represent a deadly force of annihilation aimed at anyone or anything that stands in their way.

More than one shadow-player is manipulating the game, and each of them has a very different agenda. At every turn, Shade and her brother confront the one common denominator: another assassin with a reputation as black as Shade’s who isn’t above using any method to get the job done, including a carefully orchestrated seduction.

Wading through political intrigue, deception, and vendetta, Shade finds herself pitted against her ultimate enemy and discovers she was deliberately maneuvered into play by a master manipulator.

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