The Girl in the Rain - kindle e-book by J Christopher Wickham

A widow embarks upon a crusade to find the truth about her husband's mysterious death and the chilling faces he saw in the rain. Gwenn Chapel watched the rain wash her husband away like a fingerprint on a window. Through that watery curtain, Detective John Chapel insisted he saw faces, faces that cried out to him, trying to share with him some secret only he was meant to know. He died chasing those faces, looking for his "Girl in the Rain", and he took those secrets to his grave. Or did he?

With the aid of her husband's cryptic journal, an eccentric history professor and a con artist, she begins a journey that will challenge everything she believed about her husband, her faith, and the limits of her own sanity. Will she be able to face what awaits her at the end of that journey, or will she share the same fate as him?

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