The Returning kindle ebook by Russell J. Perry

When stories of strange happenings and paranormal occurrences are told, most people dismiss them as interesting fiction... Until it happens to them.

The Returning is a tale of Reincarnation, of love and family, and of malevolent vengeance.

Jacob Shaunessy is drawn to the tropics of Northern Australia by strange dreams; dreams which seem like memories of another man’s life, in another time.

Interludes with a beautiful woman, a woman he loves and yet can’t remember, haunt his dreams and beckon him north; to a place he has never been, and yet he remembers well.

On arrival in a small North Queensland farming community, Jacob finds himself in familiar surroundings, among people he recognises. Although they are older than he remembers, and they have no memory of him.
Through dreams sent to him by a previous incarnation, he and his friends are soon drawn into solving a thirty year old mystery, which will create a maelstrom of death and violence. A murderous rampage of revenge, which some of them won’t survive.

Reincarnation is meant to be a chance at redemption, a new beginning. However for some it is a chance for vengeance.