The Way: Genesis by John Whelan-Curtin

"The Way: Genesis is about as unique and exciting a story as you are likely to come across.  Whelan-Curtin grabs hold from the first chapter and whisks the reader through a dizzying and fast-paced story where so much happens.  This is like a movie set on paper."

Gray was someone else, before.  In another life, thousands of years before, he was someone else.  That someone was very important and factions from across the globe need him to find a powerful treasure that has been lost since the stone age.  Now he has been reborn as a teenage boy who can't remember his past life at all.
Gray never had a normal life to begin with.  He has been raised as the adoptive son of the boss of all criminal bosses.  His brother was murdered by thugs pretending to be vampires.  He has strange abilities, a certain trick of being in the right place at the right time.
Now Gray is about to discover that the world is even more bizarre than it already seemed.  The mysterious agent Marcus is about to lead Gray down a path to a world full of magic and real-life monsters.
Who or what really killed his brother?  What is his adoptive father's role in all of this?  Can Marcus and the mysterious Dr. Kane really be trusted?  And, most importantly of all, who was he all those thousands of years before?

You'll finish too soon and find yourself wanting more after this breath-taking ride through the shadowy reality behind our own world.

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