A Dog Among Thorns by Joshua R. Fields

"A Dog Among Thorns" is a dark, emotionally-charged romance with vulgarity, violence and a body count. 
The story opens in the city of Kunaropolis, a fragment of a disintegrated world society which flourishes under the stringent, savvy rule of Constable Elizabeth Nicks. Even as her metropolis thrives, her marriage to the vice-loving but God-fearing Jacob Gottschalk flounders. Now, their turbulent union faces another daunting threat: Miriam, a foul-mouthed demon dispatched to Kunaropolis to stoke their romantic turmoil and terminate Jacob's life.

Miriam's initial contempt for Jacob transforms into bizarre infatuation, prompting her to spurn her demonic mandate. Despite the risks of Jacob's stoic faith in God and compelling love for his wife, Miriam wages a sensual, gruesome war against Elizabeth for Jacob's heart.

Her pursuit of Jacob generates unexpected consequences, as the violent, vulgar demon and the incorrigible, introverted human intertwine emotionally and spiritually. As their relationship blossoms, the death toll around Jacob mounts and mysterious occurrences abound. Hopelessly trapped in a raging romantic tempest, Jacob struggles to balance Miriam's insatiable infatuation, his fragile marriage to Elizabeth and his loyalty to God.

Excerpt from a "Dog Among Thorns":

"Relishing the implication of her words, Miriam thrust her right index and middle fingers into Steven’s eyes. It caused him to scream in pain, though the scream faltered and became a gurgle. Pulling her fingers from his eye sockets, which dribbled blood, she shoved him to the side and admired her handiwork. The blood splattered and smeared over her body began to drip onto Steven, a demonic glaze on his lifeless form. Stepping over him, she decadently licked the blood off her claw."

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