A Heat Of The Moment Thing - kindle ebook (romantic comedy) by Maggie Le Page


Two's a party, three's a crowd, and four's a train wreck waiting to happen.

Love is not Becky Jordan's forte. She's spent her twenties searching for Mr. Right, but instead found Mr. Sleazeball, Mr. Good-For-Nothing Layabout, Mr. Mafia, and Lord Six Million Dollar Scum.

Now, as her thirties loom, Becky has it all worked out: Mr. Right is the stuff of fairytales. Well, she's no longer a kid so it's time she focused on big-girl things, like her burgeoning career.

But life has a habit of blowing raspberries at Becky's plans, starting with her head-splitting crash into the end of the swimming pool--not the ideal way to meet the new boss. Then again, nothing about her new boss is ideal. He's way too young, way too gorgeous, and he's one helluva nice guy. It's disastrous. Now Becky's got to convince herself her boss is ugly, old and an utter bore--or risk losing both her career and her self-respect.

A funny, romantic read with some deeper messages to take away, A Heat Of The Moment Thing has received comments on Amazon like:
"I was completely hooked and . . . swept away with the whole story." Blogger's Bookshelf
"Fantastic book, loved every page, could not put it down . . ." Genevieve
". . . reminded me of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella . . ." Inge
"This book takes the reader on a journey toward love . . . but it is also a journey toward self-discovery . . ." Long and Short Reviews
"It carried the theme throughout that you need to know and love yourself before you can love someone else." aduke2013


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