A Shattered Mind: Breaking Point by Charles Romano

This is the first novella in a series based on horrible, true events. 
It has been a labor not so much of love, but rather catharsis.  There was little I could afford to change apart from a few names and details without taking away any impact that I intended to impart to the readers.  Living through it was much harder than one could imagine, and I really tried to find the best words possible to describe the ordeal; the perpetual feelings of exhaustion and despair that hounded someone until the root cause had pushed that person to the breaking point of madness.  Once that line is crossed, all semblance of reason and logic becomes perverted by a primal need to correct the imbalance in whatever way possible, no matter the cost or risk involved.

Those who have read the work thus far have all found it dark, disturbing, and absolutely riveting if for no other reason than to see how bad things become in future installments of the series.  The next part of the series, titled "A Shattered Mind: Downward Spiral", will likely be released in January 2014 and I hope that all who read this first segment of this story finds it worthwhile enough to eagerly await the next one.

So please pick up a copy and begin to follow the trials of a young man as he journeys down a path of insanity; I guarantee that you will find something to enjoy in reading it.