This book is about three siblings and how their lives intersect. It is about greed, revenge, retribution, and forgiveness. In the second part of the book the sister thinks about her life (past, present, and future) from the bed in her jail cell. In the first part one brother goes to great lengths to find out who killed their father and framed him for the murder. The other brother's life is not a happy one. The cover shows a computer and handcuffs. Two of the siblings are sentenced to jail, and the third is a computer hacker.

I debated having the last three letters of the word 'children' in the title to be in a lighter colour because at the beginning of the book the parents are talking about their problem child. In the end all three children grow up and have problems.
I learned a lot about Asperger's and computer hacking, and I really enjoyed writing about Mary, the character with Asperger's, and how she gradually lets Mike into her tightly scripted life.

From the Official Review on the OnlineBookClub by sbanks147 » 31 Aug 2013
“This book shows what people can endure and do endure, and how much better life can get even when it seems like you are at the bottom with no way out. There is always hope, and these characters show that it is best to stay positive and try to see the good side of everything while working your way out of whatever hole you are in, because you will get out of it eventually.”

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