Bottleneck - Our human interface with reality Non-Fiction Science, by Richard Epworth

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Bottleneck is a book about human learning. I always had a passion for understanding things and distrusted explanations without evidence. I was part of the UK research team that brought optical fibre communications to the world. While spending four decades developing ways of squeezing ever higher information rates down optical fibres, I became fascinated by the contrastingly tiny rate that we humans can actually absorb any new information. The implications seemed so incredible that I began to research just how our senses perceive the world around us, initially using eye tracking technology.
I discovered that most of what we experience is a story constructed in our minds to make sense of our past and present. This book reveals the evidence for our narrow learning bottleneck, and explores the shocking implications both for technology and for ourselves. It provides scientific insights into a wealth of human experiences such as flawed memory and prejudice, and describes the huge difference between recognising what is familiar to us, and what is truly new.. Bottleneck has been ten years in the making. I have taken care to make the topic accessible to readers without any great knowledge of science, while including sufficient detailed evidence and references to satisfy others.