Confessions of a Side Piece Baby - a romantic thriller by Dexter Shaw

Confessions of a Side Piece Baby follows Lashaun Johnson as he confesses the sins of his life in this crazy, sexy, romantic and shocking crime thriller. You can download it to any kindle device at

This urban fiction novel chronicles the main character’s life beginning at the age of three. Lashaun’s mother is the longtime mistress of a married man, which in urban vernacular is also known as a “side piece”, and he is the product of their illicit union or a side piece baby.

Lashaun is funny, charming, attractive and cute but he is also a killer. The book is written in an action packed Quentin Tarantino style with some parts so shocking it becomes hard to put down. It is sensual and seductive the way women love as well as action filled and intriguing the way men enjoy.

There are very few romantic action thrillers on the market today. This book was written with couples in mind to give them something they can read and enjoy together and then discuss after the kids have gone to bed.

The final innovative twist to Confessions of a Side Piece baby is it paints a portrait or highlights the common attributes of a domestic abuser in the main character that abusers normally keep hidden. The goal is to reveal these attributes so that women will recognize a domestic abuser when they first meet him and avoid getting involved with him.

Lashun is sweet, loving and kind in many cases but also deadly. You won’t believe a young man could be so heartless or that so many women would try to love him as they do while you listen to the confessions of a side piece baby.