Dead Drunk: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse... One Beer at a Time - Kindle ebook by Richard Johnson

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If you're tired of the same old same old with your zombie tales, then look no further than Dead Drunk: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse... One Beer at a Time, by Richard Johnson.

Dead Drunk follows a group of dysfunctional friends trapped in a Chicago apartment during a zombie apocalypse. The tale blends horror and humor in ways that will have you laughing out loud and sometimes just plain shaking your head. A substitute teacher, a dirty cop, a Sri Lankan used-car salesman, and a mulleted redneck are just a few of the characters that struggle against the horde and their own stupidity.

Some will survive, some will die gruesome deaths, all will get drunk. Plus there's a raccoon.

What the critics are saying.

Very entertaining... what would have happened if a zombie apocalypse occurred during the events of "The Hangover."  - Chris Post, Zombie Apocalypse Monthly

"Marries comedy and tension and creates a strong main and supporting cast... exceeded every one of my expectations.... On my list for best novels I've read so far this year." - Shawn Lachance,

"... traditional zombie survival and crazy party-boy lunacy, with a rogues gallery of characters...The writing is solid and the humor rude." - Patrick Dorazio "Author of The Dark Trilogy"

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