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1066 and the Great Invasion in the North

The "North"? Yes, perhaps the greatest invasion of England ever, took place not at Hastings, but in Yorkshire.

1066 is one of the most famous years in history because it was the year when King Harold of England was killed at the Battle of Hastings and the Norman leader, Duke William, took his crown. But the army which landed in the North was twice the size of the invading Norman army.

In mid- September 1066, the Norwegian King Harald, arrived at the River Humber with 300 ships and 15,000 men and made his way up the River Ouse. His intention: to seize the English throne from his near namesake, King Harold. The Norwegian commander, also known as Harald Hardrader, (Harald hard ruler), was an accomplished commander who had learnt his military skills as a mercenary, a Varangian, in the service of the Empress of Turkey. He used the vast fortune he earned in her service to fund his takeover of the Norwegian throne.

The Northern English Earls attempted to stop the advance of the Norwegians, but were soundly defeated, leaving the road to London open to the invaders.

“Three Kings – One Throne”, is a novel which tells the story of an officer in the English Army and his part in the battle which stopped these invaders. This army, now serious depleted then had to turn and face another threat, from the south, the Norman invaders. A second protagonist in the novel, a Danish mercenary, is in the employ of Duke William of Normandy. The climax of the book tells what happened when the English officer and the Dane met.