Humble Beginnings (Tri System's Edge Series Book 1) - Sci Fi/Fantasy kindle ebook by Ron Schrader

Kalla Zar is a young and beautiful con artist/smuggler, out on what she expected to be her last and final job, the big one she and her crew would retire on. But fate had other plans.

When her ship is damaged en route, Kalla is forced to land on the unfamiliar planet of Paradise Kalla and her crew venture outside the ship in search of some help, but quickly learn that the planet's name is deceiving when they find themselves under attack by something they had no idea even existed...the Vie.

Unprepared and outnumbered, Kalla soon finds herself alone, running through the fog-covered valley floor, desperately searching for her ship that's now lost in the fog. But just when she thinks this is the end, a chain of events is set into motion that will change her life forever.