HUSH by Kimberly Shursen

What reviewers are saying about HUSH, a fresh, new thriller:

"You have a little Romance with a Twist!! My jaw dropped and I was drawn in. I had to train my eyes to keep with the lines, cause my eyes literally wanted to go down the page, and jump to whatever was waiting at the end of it....

You are finding yourself in awe, gasping out loud, and saying "No freaking way!!" As I kept reading, my heart was beating a mile a minute!! I had to stop to create a note to self, So when I was done, I wouldn't forget. I now realize I did not need that note. My emotions are still with me on this journey till the end..."

"Bold...gutsy...a roller coaster ride that makes you wonder what you would do, no matter how strong your convictions."

Shursen's debut novel ITSY BITSY SPIDER was voted one of the two top thrillers of 2013. her second novel legal thriller HUSH leads a newlywed couple to opposite sides of the courtroom battling one of the most controversial issues that has divided the nation for decades.
Kimberly Shursen