Locksmith's Closet - kindle ebook by Paul Briggs


What if you knew the world was coming to an end?

What if you could stop it from happening — but you didn’t know how?

What would you do? What risks would you take? Who would you ask for help?

Locksmith’s Closet is the story of Lachlan Smith, a quiet, secretive 12-year-old. Still grieving the death of his father and adjusting to life in a new home, Locksmith discovers a portal to the future while investigating a strange noise in his bedroom closet. Passing through it, he and his friend Gary Thalberg find a world that has been uninhabited for decades, a jungle full of dangerous animals in which the human species has long since gone extinct.

Once they learn that the future can be changed, the two of them are determined to explore the new world and decipher the clues to discover what will go wrong and when, so that they can stop it from ever happening. They embark on a quest for answers that is long, difficult, and marred by unexpected tragedy that brings Lock to the edge of despair. (Although it does have its lighter moments, as when Lock and Gary use the time portal to duplicate $1.25 in change again and again until they have over a thousand dollars in cash.)

To make matters worse, Locksmith is determined to keep anyone else (especially his overbearing mother and older brother) from finding out about the portal. And his family has an enemy who already knows about it and will go to any length to claim their house and the portal for himself.