Mrs.Bumblebottom and the Chatterbot - kindle ebook by Daphne Dewell

The Mrs.Bumblebottom series was inspired by the fact that I myself have struggled with social issues and life experiences. I want to show children positive ways to handle some of life's greatest and often hardest lessons with ease and grace. Using a little magical woman who weaves just a bit of magic into children's lives, she inspires the confidence the children once thought did not exist. I also hope to bring a smile to children's faces as they realize that ultimately we are all the same deep down and all have similar experiences. The only difference is how we learn to handle them; and this series is meant to show them how to do just that!

This first book shows Derek, a sweet boy who has trouble finding the right words in most situations. Using his hoody, she turns Derek into a robot who knows all the answers and right things to say. Derek has some trouble adjusting at first but then grows to like being able to speak in public and make new friends. They say that quiet people have the loudest minds, so I incorporated some witty jokes and mental thoughts because the adage is indeed true of Derek.

Also found inside of this book, and the subsequent ones to come, are Easter eggs for the other books. You meet friends of Derek who also have lessons they learned or will soon be learning from Mrs.Bumblebottom! I also left little Easter eggs about myself throughout the book, such as I own a parrot myself!!

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