RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY - Kindle ebook by Curtis Edmonds


RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY will be priced at only 99 cents from March 11 through March 14, 2014.

RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY (http://www.rainonyourweddingday.com/), the debut novel from Curtis Edmonds, takes place in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, just north of Atlanta. Will Morse came to Atlanta to play football for the Falcons, and stayed to work for Coca-Cola, and left after the suicide of his youngest daughter and the wreck of his marriage. Will lives alone in a vacation cabin high atop a remote mountain, brooding on the loss of three of his four children, and his alienation from his wife and his remaining daughter, Alicia.

The day after Christmas, Will has three visitors to his cabin: two who he was expecting and one that he wasn't. The unexpected visitor is Dot Crawford, a creative-writing professor from Atlanta who tells Will that she is lost and needs directions. The other two visitors are his daughter Alicia and her friend Toby--who Will soon learns is Alicia's fiancée. Alicia informs Will that she is getting married in the spring, and that she expects him to be there.

Will has not seen Alicia in five years, and welcomes the opportunity to be a part of her life again. But leaving the security and silence of his mountain would have a tremendous emotional cost for Will. The wedding will put Will in direct conflict with his ex-wife, who still blames him for the suicide of Trixie, their youngest child. The wedding promises to dredge up long-standing memories of Trixie's death--memories that still cause Will anguish and guilt.

Will finds a solution to his dilemma through his friendship with Dot Crawford, when she agrees to come with him to the wedding. But Dot is hiding a secret of her own that threatens their relationship.

RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY is a contemporary romance about love, redemption, and Coca-Cola. It has received more than fifty five-star reviews on Amazon, and has reached #1 on the women's fiction list at Amazon during a free promotion. Fans of Anne Tyler and Pat Conroy will especially appreciate this heartwarming, tragic family saga.