Saint Maggie – kindle ebook by Janet R Stafford

Maggie Blaine is a good woman. As a widow with two teenage daughters, she works hard, she is thrifty, and she is pious. But she is also an outsider, and not just because she runs a boarding house. People look askance at her because she lives what she believes: she is compassionate, kind, and takes her community’s outsiders into her home. Her closest friends are an African-American couple, something unheard of in her place and time. And Maggie is in love with Eli Smith, the town’s free-thinking and outspoken newspaper publisher.

Although accustomed to being a social outcast, something is going to happen that will challenge the faith to which she clings. “Good ol’ Saint Maggie” will struggle to forgive. She will wrestle with the sting of betrayal. And she will wonder where her God has gone. For in the year 1860 Maggie will have to stand up for the one person nearly everyone else in town reviles.