Flare - Kindle Ebook by Paddy Lennon


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"Flare" is an action adventure novel about superheroes. Wait! Come back! Seriously, I know what you're thinking: "Paddy. This is obviously seventy thousand words of childish wish fulfilment and the objectification of women."

Well, that's not true. "Flare" is fun, inventive and extremely entertaining read about a world where heroes exist. How does the world react to the super humans in their midst and how do we handle things when, one day, they're gone?

Ryan Curtis just wants to be an average teenager but there's one small problem. His parents are superheroes. When a tragic set of circumstances leaves him alone, Ryan is forced to go on the run from a secretive government agency which wants to use him as the basis for experiments to give normal people superpowers. He's tired, lonely and needs help but all he's got are a young woman with special talents and an arsenal of weaponry and an eccentric Japanese inventor and anime fan who's built a robotic war machine in his parent's garage.

Now they're the only ones left to save the world and time is running out. If you want to see over the top action, rapid fire humor and jokes about former President Jimmy Carter then your prayers have been answered!