Steal from the Devil - kindle ebook by R. Curtis Venture

An empire spanning thousands of star systems, the Imperial Combine fought its last territorial war almost a generation ago. Humanity now lives in peace.
But all that is about to change. Ordered by the Empress herself to investigate the sudden silence of a clandestine research facility, operative Elm Caden will soon discover that something malignant is moving in the darkness. Something which has already begun to extend its reach across the many worlds of the Imperial Combine, and is fully prepared to wage an undeclared war against human interests.
Dynamic, tense, and often funny, Steal from the Devil is a military science fiction novel for our times. With believable characters and realistic technology, the story deliberately eschews clichés of the genre in favour of believable events unfolding on a meticulously crafted stage. It is the opening episode of a five-part story, and the first visit into the intricately-detailed Armada Wars universe.

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