The Nocturnal - Kindle ebook by JP Starling

Book 1 in JP Starling's "Dead of Night" Series has arrived.

A vengeance seeker in his own right, Midian dedicates his life to the eradication of his own kind, the unruly Vampire. London's Kilpatrick Organization is a top secret, government sanctioned, watchdog agency tasked with the responsibilities of dealing with the undead, and all other supernatural threats. After countless years of hunting them, the leader of the organization, Jonathan Kilpatrick, knows the war is finally coming to an end. Ten years of bloodshed and population control has resulted in the near extinction of the London coven.  When a string of gruesome murders connected to a mysterious Symbol arise, the organization's number one operative is ordered to search and destroy. Midian, a rogue vampire employed by the Kilpatrick Organization, is London's guardian angel.  Unruly vampires fill Midian's veins with hatred and revulsion. His tireless quest to rid society of the undead weighs heavily on his shoulders and the organization he serves.

Unbeknownst to them, the Kilpatrick Organization finds themselves in the crosshairs of an unknown enemy bent on their destruction. A union forms between the vampires and this new antagonist. And if the situation couldn't get any worse, vampires begin to run amuck in the Greater London Area, breaking the code of secrecy, and turning the city into their own feeding ground.

Now, Midian must find the source behind the mysterious Symbol before the city of London falls to the Nocturnal.

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