Turnstiles - kindle ebook by Andrea McKenzie Raine


Martin is an idealistic young man in his mid-twenties who leaves British Columbia, Canada to live in London, England. He travels to London with little money and no concrete plans. Eventually, he runs out of money and is forced to panhandle because he doesn’t want to join the work-a-day world, which he views as buying into materialism. Willis is a Londoner and a barrister who recently lost his wealthy and estranged father. In his father’s will, Willis was left an obscene amount of money, which has already been deposited into his account in the wake of his father's death. In desperation, Willis makes out an unsigned cheque for the entire amount from his father and randomly gives it to a street person, who happens to be Martin. Evelyn is a character who appears in mid-travel, in the midst of her own lost self, and manages to motivate Martin and indirectly connect the paths of Martin and Willis. Turnstiles weaves a story that brings self-discovery and healing for each character by way of a journey.

 An empathetic and honest portrayal of human beings attempting to redefine themselves against the friction of idealism’s clash with societal expectations, Turnstiles is perfect for readers seeking a stirring, dramatic depiction of love, loss, impulse, and consequence.

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