Conspiracy: Rick O'Shea Adventure#1 by John Rayburn

First of a series of three - check out the others, Duplicity and Intrigue!

Meet a different kind of detective, one who is a “seeker” and “finder” of things that have been lost, stolen or hidden. He collects lucrative finder’s fees, either from a client or from whatever is found.

A seemingly innocuous livelihood has its share of dangerous situations and harrowing experiences. There are hazardous encounters with hijackers, kidnappers, yacht thieves and drug dealers. An engaging team of O’Shea, lovely aerospace expert Helga Lange, and boyhood chum Luther (call me Lute) Martin, put together exciting methods of combating perilous encounters. Real places and things are woven into the story line in a fictional manner, giving an aura of reality. The author thoroughly enjoys the research necessary to make this happen.

Romance develops between Rick and Helga, although neither one seems quite ready to fully commit to a commitment.

Locales range from prehistoric caves at Lascaux, France to a magnificent castle in the Loire Valley with involved searches for art treasures hidden from Nazi forces in World War II, before moving on to Colorado’s San Juan Mountains and into Mexico and Guatemala for searches of their own. This is one of a series of three about the intrepid trio and the other tales of remarkable adventure will be listed here soon. In addition, there are nine other Kindle e-books by John Rayburn.