Detox big time - kindle book by Caroline Benson

Big time for a detox!
Is your body exhausted all the time? Are you suffering from discomforts or weight problems? If so, everybody needs to read “Detox Big Time”.
This book, “Detox, Big Time” outlines an easy program you can follow every day to accomplish your personal health, eliminate stress and weight loss objectives.
It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?
The fact is, we all want to stay fit. So much is out there for us to reach and achieve. We are living in an age when many different experiences lie within our reach during our lifetimes. At the same time, we have developed sedentary patterns that encourage toxins and by-products to build up in our systems. These by-products threaten our health and equilibrium.
But we can avoid these detrimental side-effects by eating and exercising wisely.
To do this easily, you can order “Detox Big Time”. It will help you plan a regimen and prepare appetizing meals, and get you started on the path to well-being!
You will find in this little book many examples of healthy menus and recipes you can create in your free time. These will have a positive effect on how you feel. You will notice extra energy and enthusiasm in no time!
“This book is packed with great information, yet I did not find it as radical or overwhelming as other detox books I have read.” Top 10 Amazon reviewer
Early spring is the best time to detox...
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