Effusive - Kindle ebook by Kinnison Ross


What are three people against a city, a corporation, a government? What are three strangers against the larger framework of modern day society? How can any one person make a difference?

Oscar returns to his childhood home to see his estranged father, despite having stayed away for five years. He is forced to join forces with Zendia, his father's pharmaceutical company. But after five years of silence between Oscar and his dad, will he be able to decrypt his father's secrets?

Naiman is hit with an unbelievable crisis and doesn't know if he or his family can survive. He becomes caught between his daughter and an unsympathetic hospital, one which Naiman can't bring himself to trust. He struggles to be a good parent, the type of father his daughter deserves. But with each passing day, he becomes more aware of the hospital's practices and choices. And with each day, his daughter is at a greater risk than Naiman even realizes.

And Ennis just drifts through the city, never alone among the criminals, the gangs, and the teenagers. He avoids his court-ordered therapist during the day but still goes crusading at night, with or without a mission. But with each step through the city, Ennis becomes aware that something is not right with the kids, the teenagers he encounters.

Three people grappling with hidden secrets. Can any one person persevere? Can any of them survive?

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