Two Sisters in Ireland - a kindle ebook by Jeanne Selmer

Two Sisters in Ireland is an entertaining and lighthearted Irish adventure. The sisters go on vacation leaving their men behind, and immediately take advantage of the new found freedom. While waiting for their flight to Ireland, they meet an elderly Irish widow in a pub at the airport. That conversation encourages them to look for holy wells and the birthplace of their grandmother. But they didn’t expect to stumble upon fairy mounds and encounter ghosts. As one sister uses her crystals to ward off potential danger, the other sister laughs and doubts the effectiveness. The sisters are very different, yet make great travel companions because they push each other to open their minds to new experiences.

At integral moments throughout the story, the elderly Irish widow along with her family and friends change the direction and lives of the sisters. They go to places they would have never gone. They meet people they would have never met. They hear stories about Ireland and their heritage that they never knew. They sing and dance in the pubs while enjoying pints with the locals. As they unwind from their hectic lives back home, they meet new challenges and open their hearts.

This is a story about renewal and starting over again. As the two sisters travel through Ireland they find friends and love along the way.

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