Make Dirty Millions The Clean Way by Kirk Tillery

My first book Make Dirty Millions The Clean  Way, is a no-nonsense easy to understand book that has changed the lives of many people. I have seen this book turn individual  lives around who were on the brink of failure. This book has helped the small business owner, the unemployed, and those who were stuck in dead end career jobs. One-story comes to mind of a recently divorced  mother of four who was working a minimum wage job to support her family. After reading just one particular chapter of my book, this mother increase her income  to $8000+ per month.  By using only the resources already in the family home with no money, she was able to change not onl
y her life, but the lives of her kids. Make Dirty Millions The Clean Way is a  powerful, positive, successful tool, that is changing the world as we speak . If you still have the drive and desire  to become wealthy, this book is a must read!
This book was also written to help us stop world hunger and poverty together!  You see the way I see things, the more new big hearted wealthy philanthropists that I can create through this book, the faster we will stop world hunger and poverty. As 16,000 plus babies die each day from something as simple as a lack of food, we have to do much more to save all of them. With this disturbing public information at hand, time is not a luxury as we move forward with urgency to fix overwhelming task!

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