ORIGINAL BLOOD: Gailene's Vow - a vampire novel by Stuart Land

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ORIGINAL BLOOD: Gailene's Vow (book one) is a supernatural thriller that follows the transformation of a contemporary college coed / artist as she gains vampire powers…without ever having been bitten. Then she must lead a powerful vampire family against its creator and those who believe her unique blood will destroy the vampire nation.

Present day college coed, ZONDRA, who since childhood could recognize vampires, is saved from a vampire attack by JEREMIAH, her 18th century grandmother GAILENE'S former lover. Although Zondra hasn't been bitten, she begins gaining vampire abilities. Jeremiah mentors her transition from schoolgirl artist to powerful clan leader, helping reveal secrets carried in her blood that allow "visions" into grandmother Gailene's past life.

The matriarch's journey begins in rural 1790s England where she's turned into a vampire by FENTON, a royal guard and spurned lover, who destroys her family, forcing her to give up her child rather than feed upon her. In her vendetta to kill him and any vampire that crosses her path, she passes through elite London society, and arrives in colonial Washington DC where she creates a family empire through politics, treachery, and love. Tragedy again finds her during the Civil War when she crosses paths with her creator, Fenton.

The mystery of how and why the women are connected across two centuries, and the dangerous attraction Zondra has for Jeremiah, are unraveled through Zondra's visions. But other vampires fear her, for her unique blood may carry something that could destroy the entire vampire nation. And now, Fenton knows she exists and is coming for her.

Book two of the ORIGINAL BLOOD series, SZEJNA'S REVENGE, is out now on Amazon.

Awards for Novels:

ENDLESS SKY - placed 3rd in Reviewer's Choice, science fiction book of the year, Paranormal Romance Guild - 2013

CLAIMING LIVES & CROSSING THE DOUBLE YELLOW - nominated best in thriller & action adventure, respectively, Paranormal Romance Guild - 2012

EPIPHANY & ORIGINAL BLOOD - both nominated Reviewers Choice Award: best read of 2011, Paranormal Romance Guild - EPIPHANY won.

ORIGINAL BLOOD: Gailene's Vow (book 1, vampires series) - quarter-finalist, Writer's Network; and semi-finalist WriteMovies 2009. 

SHADOW HOUSE - quarterfinalist, Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Awards 2009

BACK FROM THE DEAD: the true sequel to Frankenstein - Finalist WriteMovies 2005.
(2013 approached for option by Lawrence Konner, writer/producer - Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire)

Awards for Screenplays:

TODD MCCOY'S ADVENTURE WEST (family adventure) - won 1st place, action adventure, Table Read My Screenplay 2014. and Finalist (so far) Screenplay Festival 2014

THE MACHINE (YA sci-fi) - sold script to Chinese production company 2012

CLAIMING LIVES (crime thriller) - won 2nd place, One In Ten 2012.

DHARMA (spiritual animation) - won 5th place, Writesafe 2005

MICHAEL'S GARDEN (psychological surreal thriller) - finalist, Writesafe 2005; semi-finalist, Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards 2005

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