Parable of the Forgotten - An Unsuitable Mystery kindle ebook by Simon Fenn

Someone with nothing has nothing to lose..

Jarvis Langton is an unborn-again Christian living on the fringe.
He's not big on life and has tried to finish his own twice.

Still, on most days, he quite likes to sun himself at Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. One sunny morning, he notices something winking at him from a nearby bush. He investigates to find the dead body of his friend, Lady; a Thai transvestite.

Jarvis is not someone with his thoughts lined up in any reasonable order. It takes him a while to work out Lady must have been murdered. It takes longer for him to realise he is being followed. But once Jarvis decides he's going to track down Lady's killer; the premonition that finding Lady's murderer will bring him his own end, happens in an instant.
I've never read anything close to this before..the kind of book I could not put down. The plot was brilliant. More twists than a Colorado mountain highway. Rod Chandler - Retired US Congressman. Colorado USA   

With no superfluous lines and no rest-stops, it is a first class, no rest-stop, brilliant, whirly gig! Dr  Shé Mackenzie Hawke - Associate Professor, University of  Sydney.

..witty, intelligent tale..enthralled from beginning to end. Laugh-aloud funny and gut-wrenchingly sad..deeply spiritual..a love story in the truest sense.. Denise Imwold. Author; 501 Must-Reads Books.

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