Tennessee Rain - kindle ebook by Emylee Bishop Sturk


Tennessee Rain is the breakout novel from author emylee bishop sturk. This novel falls directly into two genres, making it wonderfully unique as a Southern Gothic Historic Family Saga. It spans three generations, and is a true account of shocking events from her family’s tragic, but beautiful past. Primarily set in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, you will follow a family on a tobacco farm and discover the harsh reality of everyday life and the events they encounter along the way. Follow them to the railroads in Knoxville to the building of the Atomic Bomb in Oak Ridge to the cotton plants in North Carolina, but always back to the farm. Her visual imagery is stunning and her characters pristine. Coupled with her impeccable use of southern dialogue, you are given the feeling that you are taking part in the travesty that unfolds before you. Tennessee Rain is a story of determination, trials, suffering, and finding happiness where it lies. It shows how bitterness kept locked in a heart can tear you apart, and how overcoming seemingly impossible odds is always attainable. This is a story that is hard to put down and is sure to please.

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