"The Adventures of Sheriff Williker / Book No. 1 "The Case of the Missing Horseshoe" - kindle ebook by Kim Hansen


A missing horseshoe for a prize winning horse...a set of mysterious footprints...suspicious looking characters...

Up against time, Sheriff Williker is called in to find the missing horseshoe for a prize winning horse before tomorrow's big race. Follow the Sheriff, as he unravels the clues to solve his first case.

"The Case of the Missing Horseshoe" is Book No. 1 in a series of colorful picture books written and illustrated by Kim Hansen. In Book No. 1, the reader will be introduced to the town's people--adorable forest animals--Sheriff Williker, Mrs. Williker, Mr. Drexel (the town's blacksmith), and other lively characters throughout this new series of picture books. Each book in the series will take you on a new adventure--each book has an ending--and each story has a moral.

Book No. 2 "The Case of the Lake Monster" - release date June 2014
Book No. 3 "The Case of the Haunted School House" - release date October 2014
Book No. 4 "Butch Has Gone Missing!" release date December 2014


The Adventures of Sheriff Williker was inspired by the author's childhood memories growing up in a small lake community in northwest Iowa. Kim named the sheriff after a saying her mom often said, ‘Gee whiz willikers!’

Kim's grandparents were the picture perfect ‘Norman Rockwell’ grandpa and grandma. Her grandpa was a U.S. Marshal, and her grandma was the town’s ‘doctor’.  Kim would sit and listen in amazement at the stories they told her about the early days--'LONG before there were automobiles--our mode of transportation was a horse and buggy...a kerosene lamp lit our way.' Her grandma would make house calls to deliver babies, many times traveling in freezing temperatures through snowdrifts. When Kim was sick, her grandma would always make her feel better by giving Kim one of her homemade remedies--warm lemon juice, honey--and lots of love!

Kim's grandma loved to knit, crochet, and make quilts. She was also the cook at the local high school in Superior, Iowa.

Her grandparents were in a band and often played at ‘barn parties’ on the weekends. Her grandpa played the banjo and harmonica. Her grandma played the piano and sang.

When Kim's grandparents retired, they spent their time gardening. They LOVED to spend time in their garden and grew everything from flowers, to raspberry bushes, to vegetables, to rhubarb--and even popcorn!

Her grandpa also LOVED to fish. His casual clothes were blue jean overalls and a BIG baseball cap. He carried a pitchfork with him when he worked in the garden.

Her grandma had white, long hair, rolled up and pinned to the back of her head in a bun. She wore flowered printed dresses, an apron, and stockings--rolled down to her ankles. If her grandma wasn't in the garden, you could find her in the kitchen. She was always baking pies or canning with the fresh fruits or vegetables they gathered from their garden. The canned preserves lined the shelves in their storm cellar.

Kim's uncle was the town’s blacksmith. His wife was the editor of the local newspaper. They also had a large garden and huge apple orchard. You could always count on Kim's aunt serving her guests a slice of freshly baked apple pie.

Kim's other uncle was retired from the Navy and LOVED to fish. Come rain, wind, sleet or snow, you could find him out on the lake fishing, even ice fishing!

Kim's grandparents had one daughter--Kim's mother--who was the youngest of four siblings. She was just as loving, caring, and hard working as her grandparents. Kim's mom worked for the local newspaper office. In her spare time, she loved to garden. You could often find her in the kitchen with grandma baking or canning.

On the weekends, all of Kim's family would get together for Sunday dinner at each other’s houses, or often times gathered at one of the lakes for picnics and games. Everyone brought tons of food--homemade salads and desserts made with fresh vegetables and fruit from their very own garden.

"I hope you enjoy THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER, as much as I enjoyed reliving my childhood through writing and illustrating this series of children's books. -- Kim Hansen

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kim Hansen is the Amazon bestselling author/writer/illustrator of a NEW series of children's books titled THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER, inspired by her childhood memories growing up in a small lake community in Dickinson County located in northwest Iowa. Her grandparents lived in Superior, Iowa, where Kim spent most of her childhood days. Her grandpa was a U.S. Marshal. Kim named the sheriff after a saying her mom often said, 'Gee whiz willikers!'

Kim Hansen is also a talented artist/muralist. She owned and operated Custom Murals & Designs from 2002 through 2012. Her work has been showcased throughout Colorado, Florida and Arizona.

In 2009, Kim began working on true crime book projects as an investigative researcher with self-published authors Sherrie Lueder, John Hansen, Jill Hansen Smith and Tyson Wrensch. Both books, HE KILLED OUR JANNY: "A Family's Search for the Truth," and UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT, became best sellers on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes.

In January 2014, combining her talents as an investigative researcher and muralist, Kim set out to accomplish her dream of writing and illustrating a series of children's books THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER.