The Cain Children - kindle ebook by Brett Lane

From the season one winner of the novelist contest, Brett Lane gives you a glimpse into his morbid mind with The Cain Children.

What do you get when you give a fifteen year veteran in law enforcement the ability to publish any kind of book that he wants? You get an extremely graphic and detailed novel filled with some of the worst things that human beings can do to each other. Most of which was taken directly from cases and crime scenes that he experienced first hand.

The book:

Scientist are able to locate a gene in the human DNA that turns its carrier into a serial killer. The gene is named the Cain gene after the first murderer in the bible. Not all carriers of the gene kill, but every killer has the gene. The government was left with two options, euthanize the children with the gene, or create an agency to track and hunt the carriers down who begin to kill. The government decided to go with the latter and Guardian was born.

Follow several of the Cain children in the fast paced debut novel and first of a series.

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