The Evolution of the Modern Male and Female - a kindle short ebook by Richard Castagner

The purpose of this book is to bring the male and female back together. For years we have been drifting further and further apart, at great cost to society. Men and women have lost respect for one another and struggle to communicate. Marriage and family life, the bedrock of society, are disintegrating. Children are not getting proper emotional support and love. Today’s world is complicated and stressful, and there is strife between the sexes as a result. Unless we can successfully adapt to one another despite sociological changes, our species as we know it is in danger of becoming extinct. My hope is that men and women awaken to what we are losing and what needs to be done. For the mutual benefit of both sexes, we should fight to keep what worked in the past while adapting to the changes that have occurred.

I have written this book for all age groups. Please try to read it with an open mind and with all your buttons turned off. You may turn your buttons back on, if you desire, after the read.

This book is directly addressing a minority of the females (5%)[1] in the US, the ultra left liberal feminist, and most males who sadly assume that all of the problems we are having in the male and female relationship today are just going to go away. A growing number of US females (15%)[2] are conservative feminists who have many of the same goals that the American male wants right now. The majority of the females (80%)[3] in the US, do not consider themselves feminists but have been well indoctrinated by feminist principles over the last 50 years.

I do not include all women in this conversation; I know some wonderful, confident females who are respectful and have somehow avoided feminist indoctrination.

My hope is that the younger generation reads this book. They have the time to make the necessary changes in their lives that will increase their happiness as adults. It is our responsibility as adults to pass on these ideas to the younger generation as they grow up.

The issues in this book are very relevant to mainly the modern Democratic societies, especially the US, Canada and Europe. Other countries in the world are in different stages of ramping up to the US situation. I now live in Mexico and I already see the changes starting to happen down here. The society in Mexico is at 1960s US and changes in the male / female relationship area are needed. The problem coming, based on the US women’s movement, is how to stop making changes once the mission has been accomplished? My hope is that on an international level, other countries, including Mexico, see what has gone wrong in the women’s movement, especially in the US and learn from it.

We are living longer lives now, so being happy has never been more important. Men and women can still have it all if we simply decide to.

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