The Movie/Book Dirty Millions The Clean Way 3-D by Kirk Tillery

The Movie/Book Dirty Millions The Clean Way 3-D, was written with more passion and details then the award-winning movies. The Butler starring Oprah Winfrey, D jangle starring Jamie Foxx, Good Deeds starring Tyler Perry, Lincoln, and 12 Years A Slave combine!  If for some reason you have not seen the above mentioned movies, it is a must add to your weekend to do lists. These movies will in no way prepare you for what you are about to read, as they are entertaining and historically educational. We must continue to study the history of this particular group of  African-Americans who were treated in an deplorable un-humane way. These stories will prevail and will continue to be passed down to our great grand kids for generation to come, who will  eventually share them with the world for healing sake . One story comes to mind about my great great-grandfather Earl, who was ordered by the plantation owner Master Gibson, to drown his newly born twin sons. It had been a very cool summer and a extremely cold winter that had destroyed most of the crops on Masters Gibson's plantation. After returning from the market trying to sell what little crops that survived the cold winter, there was little to no profit to feed any new babies.  Master Gibson decided to call a short meeting one cold  winter day at the back of the big house for all of his hired hands and male slave. This is when he ordered them to destroy or kill all non-essential newborn babies, effective immediately . Time had passed quickly when my great-grandfather Earl decided and tried  for the second time, to drown his twin boys after hiding them for months.

You see, they were discovered by another slave and they were still alive some months after the order was given. This  particular slave rush off to tell Master Gibson what he had seen an Earl knew right then and there  he was in big trouble. Over the past few  months Earl just couldn't  drown his baby boys as his heart was broken with eyes full of tears. On this day Earl knew he had been caught, as he chipped away at the thin layer of ice that formed over the cold water in the barrel at the rear of  the slave quarters shack, he considered suicide. He said a prayer and slowly dipped the boys into the freezing water, holding onto them  to keep them from sinking to the bottom. When he heard them scream as he had never heard babies scream before, he almost lost his mind. It was just too much for Earl to bear as he started running like a crazy man who had just lost his mind. Holding the babies tight to his chess screaming at the top of his voice, oh God no over and over again, he ran off into the woods!. My great great-grandfather died that day at the hands of a house slave, who was order to use the masters special  whip that was embedded  with cutting glass. He was whipped to death in less than an hour for the crime  of loving his babies too!  The babies were ..........

Please continue to support  Dirty Millions The Clean Way, as we work together to stop world hunger and poverty . Today 16,000 plus babies die each day from something as simple as, a lack of food!  We can, we will, we must, do better!  Please visit for more details!