Vicious - Kindle ebook by Olivia Rivard

Vicious - Built for Death...Altered by Love

This story begins with a girl named Anna gone missing right when the  world undergoes some major changes under the burden of overpopulation.  As unlikely as it sounds, these two events are related.  Something sinister is happening to the girl and others like her, and there is a prison in Louisiana that has turned into its own version of a horror movie.

Two girls are turned into monsters, but they carry on their lives in very different ways.  One works to try to regain her humanity, and the other wishes to embrace her inner beast.  Live and let live become the golden rule until an unsuspecting human gets caught in the middle.  His curious love and want to help them seek vengeance on those who turned them into these things puts him directly in the path of destruction.  It's Anna's job to keep him safe, but her feelings for him get in the way.

Can we be who we want to be, or are we forever altered by what has happened to us?  Can evil become good if it so chooses?

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