3000 Miles - Kindle ebook by John David Harris


Destiny does not take place in a day and neither did the crime that rocked the unsuspecting city of Los Angeles to its core.  The days, weeks and 3000 Miles that followed, changed everything and everyone forever.

In Los Angeles, nothing ever “just happens.”  The underbelly of this city works at a methodic pace, like a snowball slowly growing larger and larger until it becomes powerful enough to knock down a building.  This is evident when a prisoner transport bus, full of maximum-security inmates, gets ambushed in the predawn hours and all fifty-four of its occupants freed.  A tornado of chaos and intrigue is set into motion, as the city’s best Detectives begin sifting through the sea of decoys to find out who the real target of the ambush was.  But while Law Enforcement sits spinning its wheels, the eight men who ambushed the bus and the one they took off are getting further and further away.  The series of events that led to the transport bus takeover are unearthed like a treasure in an archeological dig.  A tight network of friends, petty crime, major crime, dumb luck, bad luck, no luck, Los Angeles, Vegas, Canada, casino robbery, even murder. This was not merely a group of criminals breaking a crime partner out of jail; it was a matter of life and death, pure desperation.

As the list of suspects dwindles, the Police positively identify the culprits of the takeover.  The chase has now truly begun.  Airports are closed and borders shut down.  The Media has taken over and plastered this story on every possible news program and tips are coming in nationwide.  With mere miles to go, it is every man for him self with one catch, the group has split into two cars.  The lead car knows its’ destination, the second car has a vague idea where to go and the onslaught of Law Enforcement has a one in three chance of getting there first.

Whether you’re good or you’re bad, this journey will take you… “3000 Miles.”

3000 MILES is a gripping Crime/Thriller that will have you thinking well after the pages have turned