A Higher Purpose, kindle ebook by Lucy Varna


Ella Southards' life is at a crossroads on the day Adam Cowan walks into the coffeehouse she manages. She's on the verge of a divorce and struggling to come to terms with losing twenty years of her life to a man who never appreciated her. More, she's lost her purpose and much of the promise her life held before her marriage.

Adam is at a crossroads, too. After his wife left him, taking their young son with her, he spent more than a decade running from heartache, only to wake up one day and realize that he wanted more from life. He never thought he'd find more in the sleepy little college town he lands in, but when he sees Ella, he's drawn to her in a way that compels him to ask her out, and keep asking until she accepts.

A Higher Purpose is a sweet romance between two people who've been given a second chance at love. It's told in a down-to-earth manner with a touch of bittersweet heartache and a few surprising twists before Adam and Ella work out their differences and decide whether or not they can live happily ever after.