From Heaven to Earth by Sherrod Wall

Amazon readers praise From Heaven to Earth:

"I'm completely floored by this book. This book is among the ranks of page/chapter turner."

"It takes a great author to make characters of the unknown angels, demons, etc. believable and I think the author did a great job..."

"From Heaven to Earth is an incredibly imaginative view of the fall of Heaven, God, and angels, everything those of us brought up Catholic would never have imagined or been allowed to imagine."

"Absolutely loved the images of Heaven that Sherrod created. I loved the levels of angels, I loved the buildings and I loved his description of the Christian God. What he created in my head was stunning."

"I finished it in no time as I couldn't put it down."

"My favorite scenes in this book were the epic battles, and there were several. Mr. Wall has a true gift when writing this type of scene. While reading these battle scenes, I found myself clutching my Kindle, holding my breath and turning pages faster and faster to find out what was going to happen next."

A novel of epic passion: From Heaven to Earth explores how desire drives angels and demons, how it changes them and how it defines them in a world bereft of God. War will be fought. Innocence will be shed, and Angel's wings will be severed to claim His empty throne. Whether secured or destroyed, one thing is for sure: Heaven will never be heaven again. Whether it is passion for romance, violence, duty, dance or just feeling alive; the characters in From Heaven to Earth's universe would rather die than be denied their desires. Demons, angels, humans, and half-breeds may want and need different things but passion is something they all have in common. Will any of them surpass those desires to save their world? Or will Heaven become as broken as Earth? From Heaven to Earth will be free December 25th and 26th. Spread the word and get your free copies!

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