Betrayal at Angkor Wat - kindle ebook by Rocky Cole

Betrayal at Angkor Wat is on sale at Amazon for Kindle at 99 cents.

Betrayal at Angkor Wat is the first book of a planned series. The book features Alex Asher, a contract operative for the CIA and Britain's MI6. As the author I am pleased with the reception of the book so far. Within one day of launch the book had cracked the Kindle top 100 paid books in the political spy thriller genre.

An interesting fact for readers is that almost all of the locations in the book are places I have visited over the years. The idea for this book came from being in London for several weeks in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic games. I was staying at the Chesterfield Mayfair hotel and my wife was doing some work at the U.S. Embassy prior to the Olympics. Every night I would walk her down to the embassy around 10:00 p.m. I was fascinated by the people I would see hanging around Grosvenor Square, and I amused myself by making up little stories about them. One of these stories became Betrayal.

Betrayal at Angkor Wat begins with an assassination attempt in Grosvenor Square that is not what it seems.  After a career in military and civilian intelligence work I wanted to bring some subtle details into the book that are often not known by thriller writers. My goal was to make the book believable but still keep the reader engaged. ~Rocky Cole