Darker Shades Of Horror - kindle ebook by John Wing


Have you ever felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Remember, when as a child you hid under the safety of your covers, not letting any part of you be exposed to whatever might be lurking in your bedroom, because some monster might suddenly come out and grab you? Well, if you wish to face these fears again, but even worse, then read on.

In Darker Shades of Horror are 13 tales that will take you beyond what is your own human existence to a world of outright terror. They will shock, torment and assail you long after reading them. Fear will be your bedside companion. Each story will have your heart racing, your spine tingling, leaving your throat dry, and your nerves in shreds, as you absorb their ghastly telling. Sleep if you dare.

From vampires to zombies, alien invasion to demons stalking the night, through to an innocuous beach that show ghosts are never far away from the mundane, to the revulsion that most people have of spiders (plus others). Each will have you gripped by terror’s hand.

This collection (recently published) is the second book by this author whose first collection of horror stories is called Fourteen Shades of Horror. If you want to read something different, unusual, and that has a real sense of hair-raising about it, then you won’t be disappointed with Darker Shades of Horror. Read if you truly dare - if you want a real scare!