Ghost of a Chance - kindle ebook by J. Newman

On Saturday April 26th, 2014 my Kindle eBook, Ghost of a Chance by J. Newman, will be featured as a Free Promotion for one day only!

Lost loves, nightmares, and demonic ghosts all possess this tale.

Kirk Samson is no hero, quite the contrary. Just an ordinary man living out an ordinary life in an ordinary town when suddenly his life gets turned upside down all from the result of a nightmare that seems too real to be merely a dream. A nightmare that haunts his unconscious unexpectedly affects his loving wife, Jill, without an unapparent connection that is all but a mystery to Kirk and what's worse it leads to her disappearance. As Kirk's world turns upside down he finds the urge to get out of town, to vacate the location of his lamenting torture but as his luck would have it the demons that haunt him at home follow him no matter where he goes. The nightmares ratchet up in intensity leaving Kirk no choice but to make a stand and fight back but will that fight  lead him to lose another love? In this story Kirk will certainly need more than a Ghost of a Chance to survive.