Goodnight Kiss - Kindle Ebook by T.L. Onyx

Goodnight Kiss is the second book of the Project Lullaby Series! The gripping thriller by T.L. Onyx is captivating readers everywhere! If you haven't read the first book, Project Lullaby, be sure to get it so that you can read this edge-of-your-seat sequel!

What's worse than having an assassin hot on your trail? Having TWO out to get you.

Ava and Sizer have joined forces to bring down Project Lullaby II and free the 30 infants currently residing there. Sizer, not happy with the idea that she has to work with the woman that was sent to kill her, is hoping that the promise Ava made to refrain from killing remains kept. Now with the vow hanging over her head, Ava is forced to use other methods to gather intelligence for her mission...methods she's never used before.

When Jory Fremont meets Chloe for the first time, he becomes enamored with her smoky gray eyes and relaxed demeanor. Little does he know, Chloe (which is Ava), is only pretending to have feelings for him to get information about Project Lullaby II.

Both women are fighting the project, each other, and emotions they've never had to confront before. Will they succeed in their collaborative efforts or will everything they've worked for come to a screeching halt when unforeseen factors thwart their plans?

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