Love Child - kindle ebook by A.M Torres

Tommy Hulette has no idea that his seemingly normal life is a lie. He is not aware that his mother is hiding something from him even as he struggles to survive in a school full of bullies. He is not aware even as his mother becomes neglectful while sinking into depression. Tommy finds himself responsible for his little sister Greta who is bewildered and so needing of their mother's love. A love their mother no longer gives them while their father is too tired from working long days so he doesn't fully notice.

Tommy struggles in the neighborhood they all hate, but he finds solace in playing stickball. One day he meets the beautiful and exciting Stephanie Mandan who refuses to look down on his life of poverty. This gives Tommy hope for the future at least until the horrible day when his mother makes a decision that changes all their loves forever. Tommy then learns what his mother was hiding. And he's devastated. Even as he's mourning he's devastated.

Tommy and Greta will find themselves in a new home. And Tommy must fight for their lives.

4-5 star Reviews

"A tragic story of standing up for one self. - Midwest Book Review

"The ending left some hope, but also left you longing for the next book to see what happens next" - Review

"Book was full of suspense and will definitely keep your attention - Review

"When I got this book, I could not put it down - Review

"There are many exciting moments in it - Review