No Son of Mine by Leslie Georgeson

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Sam Whitfield has it all: fame, fortune, good looks...It isn't until he learns of Richard Cook's release from prison that he yearns for something more. He seeks Cook out, determined to find out the truth of what happened the night his mother was murdered. But will Cook help him? Though Richard Cook has proclaimed his innocence all along, no one believes him, and he’s spent eighteen years behind bars for a crime he may not have committed. The local vigilante mob immediately sets their sights on Cook, eager to keep “criminals” out of their community, and Sam soon becomes entangled in a fight to save Cook’s life.

In Sam’s search to uncover the truth, he develops an unexpected relationship with the man who was convicted of killing his mother. He also runs into Sarah, an old childhood friend, who has him believing in love for the first time in his life. Though fighting off vigilantes and falling in love were not part of his agenda, Sam is in too deep to back out now. He’s already lost his heart to Sarah…and now he may lose his life while trying to save Cook.
Someone is determined to stop Sam from discovering the truth. And Sam is soon forced to make a decision that could change his life forever.