One to Protect - kindle ebook by Tia Louise


Even though Melissa has found her new beginning with Derek, she is still plagued with nightmares of her abusive ex-husband. Rich and successful, the man has been able to slip out from under every criminal charge filed against him, leaving her feeling rather exposed. Especially since she doesn't just have herself to worry about anymore.

Being in the security business affords Derek Alexander a few more tools to keep tabs on his fiancee's violent ex. But the constant reminder of his inability to end the nightmares for his woman, once and for all, grates on his protective nature. He has done everything possible to keep the man behind bars, but he simply is too well connected.

When the body of a former call girl turns up, the discovery she is a tie back to some painful history, may be the breakthrough they have been waiting for. Derek will do everything in his powers to stop Melissa's ex, before he can ever get near her again. Even if it means breaking his own highly held moral code with the help of his partner in a walk on the dark side....