Saving Faith - kindle ebook by Wes Dodd

If you liked Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven, then you’ll love Saving Faith. Saving Faith is a romantic thriller packed with non-stop action and suspense with a great romantic theme that’s impossible to put down. This story will grab hold of you and won’t let go, while you wonder what’s around the next bend and what the future holds for Trevor and Faith—if they survive.
     Fate often has a way of bringing two lives together, lives traveling in opposite directions that were once intertwined. So it was in the lives of Trevor Logan and Faith Thomas, two young lives intertwined, destined to be one at an early age. Then came a sinister plan by a mutual friend, painted with pictures of deception, tearing the two apart and sending their lives reeling in opposite directions. After over twenty years apart, fate caused their paths to cross once again by way of an unusual chain of events. Faith’s life was in danger, leaving Trevor in an unusual predicament. Trevor was forced to make a decision. He could ignore his true feelings by taking the easy way out or follow his heart and save Faith—a decision that could also incriminate him in the end.