The Demon Rolmar - a sci-fi by A. V. Griffin

Looking for a new sci-fi adventure? Then look no further. Get ready to meet Rolmar, an all-powerful demon bent on destroying the Earth! This incredibly lethal alien is ready to rid the world of its inhabitants, but he’s also curious about humanity itself. Enter Adam Livingston and his friends, Zelia and John. These three college students become embroiled in Rolmar’s schemes after Adam randomly encounters the alien. Will this trio be able to convince Rolmar that the Earth is worth saving? Or, will Rolmar choose to annihilate our beloved planet?

The Demon Rolmar is a compelling new work of science fiction that will make readers think about the unfortunate negativities that life often offers. Exploring the various negative elements of society, especially war, this thought-provoking story explores why humanity should work toward change. Ultimately a tale of triumph and adversity, this wonderful book will stay with readers long after the final page has turned.

Geared toward science-fiction and fantasy fans everywhere, The Demon Rolmar has a universal appeal that will captivate readers of all genres. Uniquely using an omnipotent, shape-shifting, misanthropic demon with the ability to read and erase memories as its main character, this compelling novel by A. V. Griffin takes an inimitable approach to the genre. With a distinctive take on humanity and its worth, this mesmerizing tale will hook readers from the opening pages. A page-turner in every sense of the phrase, this refreshingly unique novel is certain to become an instant sci-fi classic.

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